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"What Re-enacting with us is like"

    We are a very diverse group of re-enactors. We have very young and older men in our ranks. We have family oriented members and single men and women in our ranks. We are not fully hard corps but we do strive to be authentic.  Anyone is welcome in our group and can camp in any fashion that they want, hard corps every time or in a motel every time as they see fit. However, we do encourage everyone to have a complete authentic uniform within a year of joining. If you are interested in joining our group continue reading and then contact us.

    Our unit owns 2 artillery pieces. Usually our three inch ordnance rifle is used in reenactments. This is our prized piece. It is an original gun No. 315 manufactured in 1862. Our other cannon is a reproduction 10 pdr. Parrot Rifle

All cannoneers must learn the 1861 artillery drill and some basic marching commands. We do not do a lot of marching except when we want to look sharp for the public. We will help new members with uniforms and equipment by loaning items and helping them purchase or make what they need. No one has to own a weapon, in fact we discourage new members from purchasing revolvers and swords.  These personal weapons are only allowed to be used by Officers and NCOs. We also help women and children acquire proper clothing too.

    We are a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Iowa and follow a set of written by-laws (See Documents page). Our purpose is found elsewhere on this web site. We do not discriminate in any way except in the area of safety. Unsafe acts regarding weapons, gunpowder or alcohol and drugs is Not tolerated.


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