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It is often difficult to know what equipment a person may want to have to portray a Civil War soldier. This page, and the pictures in the linked pages will give you a good idea of what is acceptable. It is a good idea to take a veteran member with you if you go shopping at a Sutler. These things are also explained elsewhere on this website at UNIFORM and ACCOUTREMENTS

Scott’s Battery’s impression is of a Section, due to the fact that we have only have two Guns. Since we are a Section it is natural we have a Lieutenant in command. Our impression is of Scott’s Battery in the time period of July 1862 to October of 1863. This allows us to portray the Battery in all four seasons, and during the campaigns with and without tents. This also allows us to have a wide variety of uniforms and equipment. See the accompanying photos of shirts, shoes, hats, cups etc.

Tents: When in garrison or bivouac the Artillery camp is well defend in the Artillery Field Manual. A Lieutenant would have a subaltern’s tent (8’X10’ wall tent), possibly with a fly. Enlisted men including NCOs would have an A-Tent, or shelter halves. The officer has allowed some (O’Donnell) to use his subaltern’s tent keeping the number of walls tents to one. In the past when families come they would stay in two or more tents. The author remembers his son and young Sullivan sharing a tent and myself sleeping in a tent with some other member. Six or nine foot A-Tents or a Dog Tent (shelter halves) are the preferred tents for enlisted men and families. Sometime the Battery would have moved ahead of the baggage wagons and would not have had tents. In the Official Record one of the officers reported the men were complaining because they had outpaced the baggage wagons and had no tents. We portray this by sleeping under the Guns with the Gun Cover as a cover. A member is always welcome to sleep this way until they get a tent or as their way of camping. Personal items can be put under a blanket or canvas during the day. The Company has a Fly, so a personal Fly is discouraged.

First Person is the soldier that you portray. After attending four events you will choose a name from the original roster. You then become that person at the events that we attend.

Camping gear can be modern or period. Period camp equipment would be a wool blanket or two; or perhaps a medium weight quilt. A gum or rubber blanket would serve as a ground cloth at night and as a rain poncho during the day. A candle lantern or period chair could also be considered. Bringing boxes and barrels is discouraged as they are often very large or bulky and would not have been found in a military camp. If you bring a large box it should be put in your tent. Modern camping gear is acceptable as long as it is covered up during the day or removed to your vehicle every morning. Sleeping bags, propane lanterns, and coolers should not be visible in the camp. Members may sleep in motels, their car or with modern campers in the parking lot if they desire. Think of it this way: If you brought it and didn’t use it, don’t bring it next time.

Food: You do not have to eat period food. Some may use small skillets for cooking over an open fire if they want to. Most of us eat modern food because we are modern people. Food in a packet (oatmeal, tuna, or noodles) or in a can (vegetables, fruit, spagettios, beans) are fine. Just keep the packages hidden and throw away the wrappers. You can always find a vender selling hotdogs etc. or you can eat at a local café. Sometimes we make a large camp meal in our camp pot and everyone is welcome. It is okay to bring a cooler but it should be kept small with a blanket over it to disguise it. Ice is not always available and food that can spoil should be left at home. Ask one of the veteran members what he brings for food.
Smoking is always permissible BUT it must be period. Cigars and pipes were the tobacco of the day (plus chew or snuff). Cigarettes should not be smoked in camp. There will be a designated smoking area set aside outside of the camps.

We also discourage electronic Devices in the camp. Cell phones are the most likely device, but all modern electronics fall under this category. Cell Phones should be used in the area set aside for smoking. There are some who use their phones to communicate with lost members coming to the event on Friday night. This will be tolerated, but the cell phone is not a replacement for a Bugler. (O’Donnell).

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