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Missouri Men In Scott's Battery.

The following men were recruited by Smith P. Bankhead in New Madrid, Mo. in the summer of 1861:

F. A. Pafaffenschlager July 29. W. D. Jackson July 30.
J. W. Campbell July 30. Joseph Byrd July 31.
John W. Cooper July 31. William J. Cooper July 31.
Charles Gravitt July 31. Andrew Oliver July 31.
Marion Oliver July 31. L. R. Richardson July 31.
Charles H. Jones Aug. 3. J. H. Jones Aug. 3.
Paleman C. Bush Aug. 8. Henry Krabs Aug. 8.
James Thomas Morris Aug. 9. Hiram Campbell Aug. 10.
James Campbell Aug. 10. Washington Boren Aug. 10.
Thomas Liggett Aug. 10. William Turner Aug. 10.
Michael Kinney Aug. 23. Frank Crosnow Sept. 1 in Sikestown.

The date behind their name is the date of enlistment.


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