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Georgia Men In Scott's Battery.

The following men were ordered to transfer to Scott's Battery on August 25, 1862.
They were originally members of the First Confederate Regiment raised in Georgia (company F )
On December 23, 1861 they reenlisted (as a group) to Pritchard's Battery.
This battery was broken up with the following men ordered into Scott's Battery:

W.F. Brown. H. Coppel.
J. Halbert. ( corporal ) A. D. Hardin.
J. M. Harden. (corporal ) M. E. Humphries.
John Lightner. J. Lundy.
Edward Martin. M. P. Maxwell.
E. G. W. Moon. (Dec. 24 ) W .L. Dail.
E. W. Bleese  Aug. 14, 1862.  

The date behind their name is the date of enlistment.

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