Recruites from Memphis

Men from Scott’s Battery transferred to

Swett’s Mississippi Battery on December 10, 1863


Adams, F.W.

Harrell, B.R.

Torrance, J.E


Heath, T.J.

Watson, W.A.

Battle, B.B.

Herberger, Jacob

Watts, John B.

Battle, N.O.

Herrin, J.

Watts, T.E.

Bigbee, Oliver M.

Welden, George

Kirby, John

Burnett, Edward P.

Ledbetter, A.


Campbell, Hiram

Maxey, A


Cook, W.H.

McKenzie, Daniel


Cookson, John

McRae, J.B


Cooper, Isaac

McRae, R.G.


Crabtree, Gabriel M.

McRae, Washington


Culberson, Frank

McRae, William E.


Davis, F.M.

Mitchell, J.C.


Davis, O.P.

Morris, James Thomas


Doscher, John*

Pegram, G.G.


Echols, J.D.

Roberts, William


Ellis, L.A.

Robertson, T


Fawbush, Elijah

Rose, Samuel


Fish, Calvin

Shirey, John


Fish, Robert M.

Smith, Clem C.


Fowler, William M.

Smith, Hardy


Hall, Calvin Celsor

Stinson, A.W.


* Served on the staff of Major Hotchkiss.

Source: Compiled Service Records. National Archives, Record Group 109, M231, Rolls 4, 21, 34, 36; National Archives microfilm group 268 rolls 97–98; Historical Data Systems, comp., American Civil War Soldiers  ( (accessed April 24, 2013).

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