Recruites from Memphis

Men from Scott’s Battery transferred to
Marshall’s Battery on December 10, 1863


Brenan, Daniel.O.D.*

Hayes, John

Oliver, Francis Marion

Brinkley, J.R.

Jacob Herberger

Peters, Thomas[1]

Brown, W.F.

Holmes, Nathan*

Powers, William

Chrisp, W.B.

Humphries, Marion E.[1]

Purcell, John*

Cluin, Thomas

Johnson, J.

Rickerson, B.

Cooley, Charles W.*

Jones, Charles H.

Sullivan, Philip

Davis, Lewis A.

Jordan, Patrick

Thompson, William

Fitzpatrick, James[1]

Joyce, Patrick[1]

Toland, Edward*

Flynn, Michael

Kinney, M.*

Turner, William

Ford, Edward*

Lightner, J.

Watson, Alfred T.**

Halbert, J.

Lundy, John

Westbrook, J.G.

Hardin, A.D.

Martin, William H.


Hardin, J.D.

McGuire, John


Harrison, R.B.

McLaughlin, James


*In POW camp

**Escaped before arriving at POW camp

[1] On detached service or furlough.

Sources: Compiled Service Records; National Archives, Record Group 109, M231, Rolls 4, 21, 34, 36; National Archives microfilm group 268 rolls 97–98; Historical Data Systems, comp., American Civil War Soldiers ( (accessed April 22, 2013).

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