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William Young Conn Humes.


        William Young Conn Humes was born at Abington, Virginia, May 1, 1830, and was graduated second in the class of 1851 at the Virginia Military Institute. 

         Removing to Tennessee, he settled in Memphis, studied law, and was admitted to the bar. He was engaged in law practice in 1861, when he entered Confederate service as a lieutenant of artillery. he was soon promoted captain, and served under General John P. McCrown at Madrid, Missouri, and was captured at Island No. 10. Subsequently exchanged, he became chief of artillery to General Joseph Wheeler in March 1863, after which his wartime career was entirely with the latter's cavalry corps. Commissioned a Brigadier General to rank from Nov. 16, 1863. 

        Humes was assigned a brigade of cavalry and participated in all the engagements incident to the Atlanta campaign. He accompanied Wheeler on the raid into North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Alabama in the fall of 1861, and then harassed Sherman in his march to the sea and through the Carolinas.

        During the last months of the war he was nominally in division command, but the records do not disclose that he was ever officially advanced to the grade of Major General.

        Following the cessation of hostilities General Humes returned to Memphis and resumed his law practice. He died at Huntsville, Alabama on Sept. 11, 1882, (228) and is buried in Memphis.

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