Scott's Battery First Person Photo Album

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The Chair is a place marker for a member who is missing a photo.

1Lt. John Marsh

1st Sgt. B. B. Battle

Cpl. Albert Sailhorst


(From Left to Right) Pvt. McGrath, Pvt. E. Sullivan, Pvt. O'Donnell, Pvt. Watson, Pvt. Brown, Pvt. Smart

(From Left to Right) Pvt. Toland, Pvt. Hill, Pvt. Bush, Pvt. Nason, Pvt. McLaughlin, Pvt. Flynn, Pvt. Cole

 (From Left to Right) Pvt. Layton, Pvt. Townsend, Pvt. McNamara, Pvt. C. C. Hall, Pvt. King, Pvt. Shea, Pvt Richardson

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