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Scott's Battery    

Re-enactors and their First Person.




First Person.

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John H Marsh was born in 1836 and is from Bolivar, Tenn. He enlisted on 4/25/1861 before Scott's Battery was formed and did not join the unit until early 1863 as a First Lt. He had a military education before joining the Army. He commanded the battery at Chickamauga and was severely wounded in the arm. His arm never healed and Marsh refused a discharge. He served on Gen. Strahl's staff at the Battle of Franklin and was killed there. He is buried at Ashwood Cem. near Columbia,Tenn

   Portrayed by Bruce Kindig who serves as the Battery Commander.

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L.J. Dupree a close friend of Smith P. Bankhead and town councilman for Memphis in 1856. No records exist of his enlistment except that he was mustered in. All records of him are lost or unknown in the battery.

    Portrayed by: Alex Vasquez and currently serves as Second Corporal.

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Isham Harris the secessionist governor of Tennessee. Elected in 1860 he served on the staff of the Army of Tennessee after the fall of Nashville. Sometimes he serves on the cannon as Pvt. Harris.

  Portrayed by: Herb Weber age 93 on Oct. 7, 2002. and Still Active.

  Also known to all as Grandpa.

Herb Weber passed away June 17, 2003. The last event he attended was in Keokuk, Iowa April 26-27, 2003.

Herb "Grandpa" Weber Memorial Site.


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A.T. Watson was from Columbus, Ky. and enlisted 10/1/1861 while the battery was stationed there. Watson was promoted to Sergeant December 21,1861 and became the Ordnance Sergeant in June 1862. He was promoted to 2nd. Lt. 8/8/1862 and commanded a section of guns on Missionary Ridge that was overrun by federal troops. He was captured and imprisoned in Delaware until the end of the war.

   Portrayed by: Ron Reid.

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Pvt. Ledbetter

Portrayed by: Will Vance. 


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Michael Nason enlisted in Memphis May 15, 1861 and served with the battery until listed as A.W.O.L. in Feb. 1863. Although he was back with the battery on 5/1/1863 he was soon A.W.O.L. again.

   Portrayed by: Jason Sparrow.

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John King was recruited March 1, 1862 in Louisville, Ark. His occupation was listed as farmer and he was discharged from the army on Jan. 19, 1863.

   Portrayed by: Kenny Felts.

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Robert King enlisted in the battery on May. 26, 1861 in Memphis. He served throughout the war with Scott's Battery but no records exist after Missionary Ridge.

   Portrayed by: Jeremy Beuer.

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A.J. Townsend enlisted on March 1, 1862 in Memphis and was promoted to corporal on June 11, 1862. He was later promoted to sergeant and served in that capacity at the Battle of Stone's River where he was wounded and died on Jan. 2, 1862.

   Portrayed by: Doug Mitchell.

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Joseph Robertson was born in Henderson County, Tenn. And was a farmer in Jackson, Tenn. who enlisted Dec. 6, 1861. He fought at Shiloh but was officially listed as AWOL on July 22, 1862. 

Updated research states that he was discharged on Feb. 28, 1862, for being over the age of 35 as by conscript law.

Portrayed by: Jim Wolf.

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Owen McGrath is a Private who enlisted in Memphis on May 15, 1861 originally with Co. E of the 4th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry and Transferred to Scott's Battery about 1/1/1862. He probably went home after the Battle of Shiloh and was officially marked AWOL on 6/24/1862.

   Portrayed by: Don Harker.

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Michael Shea a laborer from Memphis was enlisted on May 25, 1861. After Shiloh he was absent and officially listed as AWOL on July 22, 1862.

   Portrayed by: Mike Cunningham.

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Eugene Sullivan enlisted in Memphis May 18, 1861 and served the battery through the first year of the war. He left the battery after Shiloh.

   Portrayed by: Eugene Jorandby.

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James Thomas Morris born in 1842 and enlisted at New Madrid, Mo. on August 09, 1861 He fought in all major engagements with the Battery and after Missouri Ridge transferred to Swett's Miss. Battery.

   Portrayed by: Mike Burton and currently First Corporal.

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B.B. Battle from Camden, Ark. enlisted December 16, 1861 and served Scott's Battery as a private through Missionary Ridge. Deserting after the battle, he returned home and practices law after the war eventually becoming a judge in Ouachita County Arkansas.

   Portrayed by: Lester White who also serves as the 1st. Sergeant.


O.M. Bigbee from Camden Ark. enlisted on December 06, 1861 and faithfully served with Scott's Battery through Missionary Ridge. He transferred to Swett's Miss. Battery and on May 01, 1864 transferred again to Harris' Battery.

   Portrayed by: Jim Anderson.


T.B. Wood was recruited on December 06, 1861 in Camden, Ark. Following the Battle of Stone's River he decided to get out of the army. Being 40 years old and over the conscription age he was discharged on January 19, 1863. 

   Portrayed by: Bill Voss. 




Patrick Murphy was recruited by Smith P. Bankhead on May 22, 1861 in Memphis. Following the Battle of Shiloh he deserted on January 19, 1862.

   Portrayed by: Dave Fodge.


   A. Maxey enlisted in Camden, Arkansas on December 6, 1861 and served with the battery with distinction until it was overrun at Missionary Ridge on November 25, 1863. He then deserted and returned home.

   Portrayed by: Al Lewis.



     C.C. Hall was recruited from Camden Ark. on December 06, 1861 and will serve with the battery until overrun at Missionary Ridge. 

   Portrayed by: Chuck Curl.



   Frank Coulberson enlisted at Camden, Arkansas on December 6, 1861 and served valiantly throughout the campaigns of 1862 and 1863. He was present at Missionary Ridge when the battery was overrun. He did not report for further duty as he deserted and went home.

   Portrayed by: Frank Goossens



   John Clooney was the 3rd. private recruited by Smith P. Bankhead in Memphis on May 16, 1861. He officially was listed as AWOL on June 24, 1862.

   Portrayed by: Bob Voss.



   Patrick McNamara joined the battery on July 24, 1861 from Memphis. He served with distinction until July 12, 1862 when he was discharged for medical reasons.

   Portrayed by: Terry Hoehn.



   James H. Roach enlisted at Lewisville, Arkansas on March 1, 1862. He only served a few months and was discharged on June 30, 1862 because he was over the conscription age (45). He did not go home but stayed on with the battery serving as a teamster. Following the battle of Stones River he requested another discharge and went home on January 23, 1863.

   Portrayed by: Chris Grahm. 



   John Flynn enlisted on May 20, 1861 in Memphis. He did not stay long with the battery as he was listed AWOL in December 1861.

   Portrayed by: Sean Spicer.




Pvt. D.J. Vining enlisted on March 1, 1862 in Lewisville, Arkansas. Serving with distinction through the battle of Stones River he became ill and died on Feb. 14, 1863 at a hospital in Tullahoma. Cause of death listed as heart disease.

Portrayed by: Greg Tipsword.



 Pvt. Lewis Merchant mustered into the battery as a sergeant on May 16, 1861 in Memphis. He was reduced to private on Dec. 13, 1861 and discharged from the service on July 22, 1862 due to conscription law. He was born in Paris, France. 

Portrayed by: Caleb Blumenstein.





   This young man is Michael Voss, carrying the Battle Flag of Scott's Battery. 

   It is this kind of excitement portrayed here that led many men to join the glorious cause.


( Photo's taken by Bruce Kindig. 1999 )

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