Capt Scott's Tennessee Light Artillery Company

Organized at Memphis, Tennessee in May 1861 as Battery B, 1st Tennessee Light Artillery Regiment

The Battery was stationed at Fort Pillow until August when it reorganized as
Bankhead Battery of light artillery and equipped with 4 field pieces.

In 1862 the battery had 6 field pieces with approximately 100 men and 75 horses.

Bankhead's Battery     August, 1861 - May 10, 1861

Scott's Battery    June, 1862 - December, 1863

Consolidated with Swett's and Marshall's on December 9, 1863

Reorganized by Re-enactors November, 1979 - Present.

Battle History.

         The remnants of the battery were transferred to Swett's Mississippi Battery where they served at the battles of Atlanta and Franklin.

        Unit Commanders: Col. John P. McCown, Capt. S. P. Bankhead, Capt. William L. Scott, Lieut. John L. Marsh.

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