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Scott's Tennessee Battery Staff.
taken from Military Annals of Tennessee - 1886.

April - January 1862.

February - May 1862.

Captain Smith P. Bankhead            

1st. lieut. W. Y. C. Hume                             

2nd. Lieut. James McDavitt                       

2nd. Lieut. William L. Scott                        

2nd. Lieut. W.B. Greenlaw Jr.                    

2nd. Lieut. Lewis Bond (Dec. 1861)

After May 17, 1862                                   

 Captain William L. Scott                            

Senior 1st. Lieut. Joseph Phillips              

Junior 1st. Lieut. W.M. Polk                      

 2nd. Lieut. A.T. Watson                            

2nd. Lieut. Thomas Peters                         

Lieut. John H. Marsh (joined July 1862)

Captain Smith P. Bankhead                      

1st. Lieut. James McDavitt                       

1st. Lieut. William L. Scott                       

2nd. Lieut. Joseph Phillips                       

2nd. Lieut. William Mecklenburg Polk

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